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Academic Editing & Proofreading. Journal Article Editing

Publishing your article in a journal is crucial for the credibility of your research and its contribution to current knowledge in your field of work. Having your article accepted for publication requires expertise beyond the researching and writing. It requires highly specialised editing and formatting in order to produce a publishable piece of research.

The journal to which you decide to submit your article is not only interested in the content of your research and its relevance to the field of study covered by the journal. This is obviously crucial, but the journal editor will assess the way in which your article is presented, in its every detail. Correct spelling, grammar, language usage and formatting can mean the difference between your article being accepted or rejected for publication.

Every journal has its own particular specifications regarding the formatting of articles, following a particular style in terms of layout, down to the most intricate detail of full stop, hyphen, heading style, and font size, and broadening to spelling, English grammar correctness and clarity, as well as appropriate language usage in, for example, disability and gender research.

Once you have completed the writing of your article, I will do the editing work-up, including proof-reading, language editing and formatting, thus ensuring that your article is completely accurate in every detail required for publication in your journal of choice. Once articles have been fully edited I will upload submissions and cover letters to the relevant electronic journal site, at my usual hourly rate. The process of uploading to journal sites can be laborious and time-consuming for academic publishers – let me save you the time and worry by carrying out this crucial aspect of academic publishing.

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