On Track Editing and Proofreading

Academic Editing & Proofreading. PhD & Masters Dissertations

Following, often, years of literature reviewing, data capture and writing, your PhD or Masters dissertation requires one final process before it is ready to be submitted – that of proofreading, English language editing, and formatting to academic requirements.

Without this editing process, your document may fail to convey the standard of your research work; typographic errors, failure to conform to correct format, and even unclear and grammatically incorrect language can detract from research excellence.

A thorough edit of a PhD or Masters dissertation is as crucial a component of the final product as the literature review and data presentation. The academic specifications which a dissertation must follow, usually the American Psychological Association (APA) Publication manual, 6th edition, requires a particular style in terms of layout of the document, down to the most intricate detail of full stop, hyphen, heading style, and font size, and broadening to spelling, English grammar correctness and clarity, as well as appropriate language usage in, for example, disability and gender research.

Once you have completed the writing of your dissertation, I will do the editing work-up, including proof-reading, language editing and formatting, thus ensuring that your dissertation is completely accurate in every detail required for submission.

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